Risks Posed by Legionella Pneumophila Non-Serogroup 1 in Healthcare Environments

Susceptibility of hospital patients results in a case-fatality rate reaching up to 40 to 80% in...

Legionella Risk Management in Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, retirement homes and clinics serve vulnerable populations, highly exposed to the most...

Rush on Mist Coolers during the Heat Wave: How to mitigate Legionella risk?

Municipalities took steps with heat to limit effects of record temperatures Just like in Poissy, a...

Water and Biology

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Pneumonia & Health

Risk management

Our Bacterial Detection Tests

Protect yourself against bacteria and legionella pneumophila with our laboratory quality tests in 48 hours.

Sanitary Hot Water

Check the shower and hot water systems in gymnasiums, boarding schools, sports halls or any other collective shower facility

Cooling towers

The control of humidity and smoke plumes in cooling towers is mandatory to prevent the development of harmful bacteria for humans and the environment.

At home

Test your hot water system at home regularly or in case of doubt to prevent the inoculation of legionnellosis. For wells or a hot water system.